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Understanding Our Customers
Spirit Electric incorporates the spirit, mission, and attitude of our founding fathers. We strive in the knowledge and understanding of the customers' culture, values and standards. Today, more than ever before, as a result of the gaming industry, infrastructure, the image and presence of the Native American is being experienced by the business component of society. It is imperative that we establish a sensitivity and familiarity in working with the American Indian business and tribal government and all communities as they vest and invest for the benefit of their clientele. As an Native American Owned Company, we feel that in order to achieve our goal and to Maximize our business potential within the Native community we needed to understand every aspect of our customers' needs. The creation of our company was the first step in providing the best service possible to meet those needs. With so much growth among the American Indian communities today, understanding the electrical needs of the community and how to effectively create infrastructure that enhances growth, are paramount within our company. Consulting with Tribal Nations about sacred grounds, building structures and future development is a goal we must achieve in order to better serve generations to come.

Mr. Bart Colburn is one of the top ranked electrical contractors in the state, known for his integrity and dedication to continuous improvement in technology, service, material, and equipment. Our values our Safety, Quality, Training, Scheduling and cost. We belive that it is necessary to create an atmosphere of "Preparing to Win".

Spirit Electric's role and functions relate to assisting tribal nations, communities and our family in planning, designing, and the installation of electrical systems for commercial, Industrial and institutional projects. Today, successful, profitable telecommunication activity, reflect the pinnacle of success within related businesses. We have the expertise, quality workmanship and dependable service in voice, data, fiber optic, energy upgrades and retro-task to achieve a high degree of profit for our customers while adhering to our philosophy. Spirit Electric understands the importance of providing the electrical needs of the Native American community nationwide and will play a vital role in establishing our company wihin this community. We are committed to providing quality service, building a solid foundation within this community for our company today and our future leaders. Spirit Electric has what it takes as a comprehensive shop for any and all electrical needs. "Tribal Nations and communities finally have a company they can truly believe in and count on." Wado! Thank You!


Spirit Electric, LLC :: 831 W. Elgin, Broken Arrow, OK :: 918-251-6119